Poster Abstract Session:
234. Healthcare Epidemiology: Device-associated HAIs
Saturday, October 6, 2018: 12:30 PM-1:45 PM
Room: S Poster Hall

Tracks: Pediatric ID, Epidemiology and Infection Control, Adult ID

Association Between Implementation of Prevention Practices and CLABSI Incidence: a National Survey
Debby Ben David, MD; Azza Vaturi, MA; Ester Solter, MA; Elizabeth Temkin, PhD; Yehuda Carmeli, MD, MPH; Mitchell J. Schwaber, MD
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  • Dwindling Utilization of Central Venous Catheter Tip Cultures: An Analysis of Sampling Trends and Clinical Utility at 128 US Hospitals 2009-2014
    Yi Ling Lai, MPH; Jennifer Adjemian, PhD; Emily Ricotta, PhD, ScM; Lauren Mathew, MD; Naomi O'Grady, MD, FIDSA; Sameer S. Kadri, MD, MS
    Decontamination of Fusarium oxysporon from a Central Line Needleless Access Device using a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnated Port Protector
    Julianne Green, MD, PhD; Alan Junkins, Ph.D.; Kristina Bryant, MD; Gordon Stout, BS; Charles Woods, MD, MS, FIDSA, FSHEA, FPIDS
    The Impact of Infection Control Cost Reimbursement Policy on Trends in Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections
    Ki Tae Kwon, MD, PhD; Won Kee Lee, Ph. D.; Mi Hyae Yu, RN; Hyun Ju Park, RN; Kyeong Hee Lee, RN; Hyun Ju Chae, RN
    How long should you delay insertion of a long term central venous catheter (LTCVC) in patients with candida bloodstream infection (CBSI)?
    Evgenia Kagan, MD; Robert Jakubowski, MD; Shruti Puri, MD; Frederick Nolte, PhD, D(ABMM), F(AAM); Cassandra Salgado, MD, MS
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  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate Bathing to Prevent Central Line Associated Infections: What to do When the Patient Can Bathe Themselves.
    Susan C. Bleasdale, MD; Celsa Hermoso, RN, BSN; Maria Grace Aguada, RN BSN PCCN; Ellen J Casto, MPH; Leanne O'Connell, RN, BSN, MPH,
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  • Pulmonary Artery Catheter Epidemiology of Risk (PACER) Study
    Zachary Yetmar, MD; Brian Lahr, MS; John O'Horo, MD, MPH; Atta Behfar, MD, PhD; Priya Sampathkumar, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA; Elena Beam, MD
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  • Infections in Burn Patients Receiving Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) at a Tertiary Military Medical Center
    Joseph Marcus, MD; Lydia Piper, MD; Craig Ainsworth, MD; Valerie Sams, DO; Jason Okulicz, MD; Alice Barsoumian, MD
    Evaluation of a Midline Catheter Program and Effect on Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections
    Richard Hankins, MD; Mark E. Rupp, MD; Teresa Micheels, MSN, RN, CIC; Adrienne Sy, RN, BSN; Angela Boesch, RN, BSN; Kim Hayes, RN; Luana Evans, MBA, BS; Kelly Cawcutt, MD
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  • Do Catheter-Associated Bloodstream Infections Affect Patients’ Perception of Care?
    Mariam Assi, MD; Nargiza Kurbanova, RN, BSN, BA; Rehan Qayyum, MD, MHS, FAHA
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  • Reduction of Central-Line Associated Bloodstream Infection Rates: Impact of Minimizing Blood Cultures from Central Lines
    Nisreen Murad, MS, CIC; Ana C. Bardossy, MD; Ryan Shelters, BS; Eman Chami, MHA, CIC; Stephanie Schuldt, RN; Meredith Van Harn, MS; George Alangaden, MD, FIDSA
    Catheter Related Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteremia and Septic Thrombosis: The Role of Anticoagulation and Duration of Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy
    Rita Wilson Dib, MD; Anne-Marie Chaftari, MD; Ray Y. Hachem, MD; Ying Jiang, MS; Dima Dandachi, M.D.; Issam Raad, MD
    Nitroglycerin-Citrate-Ethanol Catheter Lock Solution is highly effective in eradicating Candida auris biofilms
    Joel Rosenblatt, PhD; Ruth Reitzel, PhD; Nylev Vargas-Cruz, BS; Ray Y. Hachem, MD; Anne-Marie Chaftari, MD; Rita Wilson Dib, MD; Dimitrios P. Kontoyiannis, MD, ScD, PhD (Hon), FACP, FIDSA, FECMM, FAAM; Issam Raad, MD
    Catheter related infections complicating central venous catheter access device insertion; a retrospective audit and comparison of two cohorts
    Anne Hoey, BSc BMBS DTM&H MSc; Milan Edinger-Reeve, MBBS; Melissa Anshaw, BN; Hubert Chan, MBBS; Pamela Konecny, MBBS MD MPH DTM&H FRACP FAChSHM
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  • Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) placement: Indications and Financial Impact
    Nicholas Cheronis, MD, MPH; Shawn Vietmier, BSN, RN, NE-BC; Shelly McGonial, RN; Susan Kriznik, RN, CIC; Nitin Bhanot, MD, MPH; Zaw Min, M.D, FACP
    Electronic Records of Daily Subglottic Suctioning Predict Infectious and Non-Infectious Adverse Ventilator-Associated Events During Critical Care
    Melanie F. Weingart, MS4; Risa Vecker, MD; Rebecca Fitzpatrick, DNP, RN, CIC; Ebbing Lautenbach, MD, MPH, MSCE, FIDSA, FSHEA; David A. Pegues, MD; Brendan J. Kelly, MD, MS
    Decision trees vs. Neural Networks for Supervised Machine Learning Based Prediction of Healthcare-Associated Urinary Tract Infections.
    Philip Zachariah, MD, MS; Elioth Mirsha Sanabria Buenaventura, MSc; Jianfang Liu, PhD; Bevin Cohen, PhD; David Yao, PhD; Elaine Larson, RN PhD
    Perfluorocarbon Omniphobic Treatment Prevents Bacterial Colonization Of Urinary Catheter In A Rat Model
    Maryam Badv, MSc; Faten El Sayed, PharmD; Julie Faugeroux, PhD; Delphine Behr-Roussel, PharmD, PhD; Martin Rottman, MD, PhD; Tohid Didar, PhD
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  • Taurolidine-citrate lock solution for the prevention of central-line associated bloodstream infection ( CLABSI) in pediatric hematology-oncology and gastrointestinal failure patients with high baseline CLABSI rates
    Chia Yin Chong, MBBS, M. Med, FRCPCH; Rina Yue Ling Ong, B.Sc. (Hons) (Pharmacy); Natalie Woon Hui Tan, MBBS, MRCPCH; Valerie Xue Fen Seah, BSc(Pharm)(Hons), PharmD; Mei Yoke Chan, MBBS, M. Med, FRCPCH; Shui Yen Soh, MBBS, MRCPCH; Christina Ong, MBBS, FRCPCH; Ashley Shi Yuan Lim, BSc(Pharm)(Hons); Koh Cheng Thoon, MBBS, MMed (Paeds), MRCPCH
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  • Changing the Culture: A Quasi-Experimental Study Assessing the Burden of Urine cultures and the Impact of Stewardship of Testing in an Urban Community Hospital
    Alfredo J. Mena Lora, MD; Yolanda Coleman, PhD, RN; Sherrie Spencer, RN, MSN; Candice Krill, BSN, MBA; Eden Takhsh, MD; Susan C. Bleasdale, MD
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  • Process change implementation to decrease catheter-associated urinary tract infections
    Sara Reese, PhD, MPH, CIC, FAPIC; Bryan Knepper, MPH, MS, CIC; Jennifer Kurtz, BSN; Amber Miller, MSN, RN, CIC, CSPDT; Heather Young, MD
    How to Predict Multi-drug Resistance in Community-acquired Urinary Tract Infection? Performance of an Easy and Simple New Scoring Model
    Houda Ben Ayed, MD; Makram Koubaa, MD; Fatma Hammami, MD; Chakib Marrakchi, MD; Tarak Ben Jemaa, MD; Imed Maaloul, MD; Jamel Dammak, MD; Mounir Ben Jemaa, MD
    A Successful Bundled Approach to Decrease Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in a Community Hospital
    Ioana Chirca, MD; Kelly Henry, MSN; Connie Faircloth, BSN; Sallie Jo Rivera, APRN, MSN, CIC
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  • Impact of an evidence-based intervention on urinary catheter utilization in Switzerland
    Alexander Schweiger, MD; Stefan Kuster, MD; Judith Maag, MA; Stephanie Züllig, PhD; Andrew Atkinson, MA; Sonja Bertschy, MD; Emmanuelle Bortolin, RN; Gregor John, MD; Hugo Sax, MD; David Schwappach, MPH; Jonas Marschall, MD
    Catheter Related Bacteremia in Hemodialysis Patients on Antibiotic Lock Therapy: Are Antibiotic Locks Ineffective?
    Amar Krishna, MD; Bhagyashri Navalkele, MD; Suganya Chandramohan, MD; Teena Chopra, MD, MPH
    Heathcare-associated infection in intensive care patients infected and non-infected by human immunodefficiency virus
    Victor Castro-Lima, MD; Igor Borges, MD, PhD; Daniel Joelsons, MD; Vivian Sales, MD; Thaís Guimarães, MD, PhD; Ho Yeh Li, MD, PhD; Silvia Costa, MD, PhD; Maria Luisa Do Nascimento Moura, MD
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  • Reducing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections using an Evidence Based Urine Culture Algorithm at an Academic Medical Center
    Sonali Advani, MBBS, MPH;; Cindy Smith, BSN, RN; Anna-Lisa Fisher, RN; Linda Sullivan, BSN, MBA, CIC; Adam Hittelman, MD, PhD; Michael Leapman, MD; Manisha Juthani-Mehta, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA; Richard Martinello, MD
    The Culture of Culturing Catheterized Patients: A Multi-Hospital Survey of Nurses and Physicians
    Catherine Gao, MD; Rupak Datta, MD PhD; Cindy Smith, BSN, RN; Louise Dembry, MD, MS, MBA, FSHEA; Richard Martinello, MD; Manisha Juthani-Mehta, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA; Sonali Advani, MBBS, MPH;

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